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More and more computer users have suffered wrist strain, pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, the mouse hand, and so on a series of occupational diseases.  As a previous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferer, our company founder have developed a serial of ergonomic products to improve health condition of office workers. 

Shenzhen Microtouch Ergonomic Technology Inc.is an innovative enterprise, We focus on designing, developing, and marketing ergonomic mouse now. Our ergonomic mouse ( Rockstick mouse, Newtral mouse, Semi-vertical mouse) sold to all over the world including United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia etc. Our customers include Xxonmobil, Chevrolet, Intel, and the U.S. Department of Health etc. 

Specification/Driver Download

Product NameInstructionsDrive
Rockstick 2 MouseManual DownloadDriver download
Newtral MouseManual DownloadDriver download


The cursor moves too slow or too fast

Adjust the DPI button located after the scrolling wheel to find the right speed for you.

There is no red light from the sensor located at the bottom as other optical mice

It is laser sensor instead of optical. There is no red light coming out from the laser sensor. Please don't check the light with your eyes directly. It may cause uncomfortable if you check with your eye.

You have trouble with precise positioning
Just take off the finger ledge, and replace it with another according part, you can get utmost fingertip control.

Mouse not detected 

Make sure the Newtral Mouse is plugged into the correct port.
Make sure to reboot your computer after you install the mouse driver.

Cursor moving by itself 

A reflective surface may cause cursor drift. Put the Newtral Mouse on a non-reflective mouse pad.

The cursor doesn't move after some time without usage 

The wireless version will sleep after a few minutes without usage to save battery power. Just click any button to wake it up.

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